The Kings Arms Pub at Portesham

The Kings Arms Dorset

Just a short drive from the Cottages in our neighbouring village Portesham you will find the award winning and highly recommended Kings Arms Pub, close to the Jurassic Coast. The dinning theme reflects its location of “coast and country” with all ingredients being sourced as locally as possible including local farms and growers with all dishes cooked to order. Inside the pub has a lovely relaxed atmosphere and during winter it normally has a couple of log fires going.  The

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Welcome To Our New Site and A Bit About Us!

Welcome to our new site, Character Farm Cottages! Why build one when I am sure many of you liked the layout of the old site. Well website design constantly evolves and many of the changes are driven by what the big search engines like Google deem to be important. One of the biggest changes “demanded” by Google recently was the need to have all websites “mobile friendly” – ie the website should automatically adapt to fit on a small screen.

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